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Photography is accessible and powerful. Anyone can take a picture, which has made “photographer” a ubiquitous term. Photographs record and sometimes manipulate reality, influencing perception. They allow us to understand history and expand our imagination. Photography’s inherent semi-objectivity and flatness are often criticized, but I see them as strengths. Capturing a three-dimensional reality on two-dimensional paper compresses sensory and emotional experience, creating a connection to the viewer’s psyche. It is a kind of visual conveyance to psychological feeling that is direct, concrete, and tangible.


I seek common ground between flatness and depth, abstraction and figuration. Using color, symmetry, structure and its visual allegories explore the juxtaposition of control and chaos, distance and intimacy, emotionlessness and melancholy. My work examines the idea of community and its intersection with society, interrogating the limits of contemporary definitions of human intimacy. Redefining the definition of “you,” “me” and “it” and emphasizing their fluidity, I demonstrate control over internal states and maintain a relative distance from the external world.

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